The Church food pantry serves approximately 500 families throughout the year. This number consists of families with children, disabled, senior citizens and the handicapped. The children range in ages from newborn to high school age of 18-19 years old. There are approximately 350 children within these families.

The poverty level in our Irwin/North Irwin/ Westmoreland City/ North Huntingdon has increased over the years. There are also homeless people on the streets who we try to reach, deliver some food in an effort to provide some minor comfort. We also get many families that are not from our area. We serve them one-time food assistance and guide them to their local area food pantry.

All families must bring ID, birth certificate, Access Card and current utility bill with current address. We follow the Pennsylvania state poverty level guidelines.

With the help of our Deacons and congregation, we have a back pack distribution in August prior to the new school year. 

Throughout the year and especially during the holiday and Christmas season, the Food Bank offers special programs. Please check back often to see what we have going on.

Many blessings to you all.