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453 Davidson Rd A5
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15239
Serving PA, WV, OH, and MD
 Located in Pittsburgh, PA

Protect Your Car From Damage and Theft

Please note if your coverage has canceled or lapsed, you will need to contact our agency or the carrier directly to request reinstatement in most cases. Most of our carriers also have detailed billing info available through their websites:

We offer FREE insurance quotes. 


After-hours and weekend claims
Customer service: 1-877-566-6001
Pay my bill: 1-888-723-3260
(Previously GMAC) –
Customer service: 1-877-468-3466
File a new claim: 1-800-325-1088 (24 x 7)
Customer service: 1-800-876-5581
Manage your policy: 1-800-334-0090
Pay by phone (auto): 1-800-334-0090
Pay by phone (motorcycle): 1-800-325-9559
Customer service: 1-800-492-5629
Claims: 1-800-841-5241 or claims@aiconline.com
1-800-527-3905 (all products except auto)
1-800-274-7865 (auto)
1-800-282-1446 (Personal Auto, Home)
1-888-508-3188 (Commercial Lines Business Support)
Get in touch with LM Insurance Agency for more details.
Our insurance carriers have direct sites to pay your premiums online. Contact LM Insurance Agency today
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